Awarded to a Member of InAPT whose work has benefited the profession, its students, or its clients and has exerted influence through innovative approaches to training, supervision and/or clinical practice

Award of Merit for Research in Play Therapy

Awarded to a member of InAPT
who has made a significant research contribution to the field and has demonstrated a serious commitment to furthering the profession of play therapy.

InAPT Award of Merit

Previous Recipients Include:

​2006 Dan Diehl
2000 Leslie Knight

The outgoing InAPT President receives an award for their dedication and service to the branch.

Previous Recipients:

2013 Heather Maritano
2011 Jennifer Pfaff
2010 Jennifer Pfaff
2009 Megan P
2008 Sara McCool
2007 Phyllis Brown
2006 Davi Stein
2005 Shari Cassler
2004 Laura Sullivan
2003 Mary Lynne Carpenter
2002 Lora Hays

Vivian Thompson Award of Merit for Contribution to Play Therapy

Yvonne Williams Award of Merit for Innovative Service to the Profession of Play Therapy

Awarded to person/agency/group who Is not a member of InAPT that has made a noteworthy contribution to the area of Play Therapy over a five year period

Past Reciepients Include:

2017 Dr. Catherine Tucker

2016 Joyce Menchinger
2015 no award given
2014 Dan Lima

2013 Mary Lou Petrisko
2012 Gene Shadler
2011 Davi Stein
2010 Laura Recio
2009 Rebecca Carr
2008 Heather Maritano
2007 Shari Cassler
2006 Patty Scanlon
2005 Nancy Davis
2004 Rose Harrell
2003 Greg Hale
2002 Nancy Davis
2001 No record found   2000 Nancy Davis

Past Recipients Include:

​2013 ISU Clinical Mental Health Program
2012 Marsha McCarty
2011 Christine Raches, U of I
2010 Milestones
2009 Trails of Hope
2008 Evansville Psychiatric Children's Center
2007 Community Counseling Center
2006 Youth First, Inc, Dan Diehl
2005 Prevail
2004 Aspin Education Network
2003 Express Kids
2002 Prevent Child Abuse Indiana
2001 Beth Wilhouse
2000 No found record
1999 Cathy Graban